A crystal-like mind that is clear and strong can reach further into the bliss and surrender of eternity. We seek to become more clear and profoundly conscious. Mathematics is the tool and flavor of our transformation. With it we gain mathematical comprehension and its power to support us in the world and in our creative expression. Math is the essence of abstraction, it brings lucidity to all our endeavours, and the practice of mathematics, when done in this Enlightened way, hones the powers of the mind, purifies the heart, and allows us to see the exotic beauty of mathematical elegance showcased in fabric of dimension, in the latent recesses of all human consciousness.

Develop a deep and lasting comprehension of mathematics based on the direct perception of mathematical truth. Apply mathematics dynamically and creatively in novel life situations with a knowledge that is not limited by the confines of rigid technique. Experience the sacredness and beauty of mathematics by seeing it directly and for yourself. See mathematical equations and the language of mathematics as expressions of a deeper source and truth. Do math in a way that cultivates spiritual qualities including mindfulness, humility, and love. 

“The greatest intelligence is the intelligence of love. To be, just to be, without motive or interpretation, is to allow the impersonal ambient divine intelligence to arise in your perceptual field. The knowledge of the heart.” The Bhakti Math Guru

An Example of the Direct Perception of Mathematical Truth

This is the Pythagorean Theorem expressed as one singular movement of abstract truth. It took me a while to see this in gentle and nearly silent contemplation. I was especially happy to animate it with code once I had, because it elucidated it for me and helped me see it better and more completely.          

One need not codify the Pythagorean Theorem into the language of mathematics to behold it in its eternal form. For the first 8 seconds of the animation I share the abstract structure in its pure form without the attempt to describe it, then I add the two pink squares to show how this is the singular movement that is represented by a^2 + b^2 = c^2.          

Notice that the two pink squares equate to the large static square outlined in light grey. The tessellation or tapestry shows an area equality (all the rotated squares add to all the background squares), and the area of the two rotated squares is a multiple of a^2 + b^2, and the area of the background square is a multiple of c^2.      

This is spiritual. Not only are we in communion with a timeless structure inherent in the fabric of dimensionality itself, which has existed since before earth, but we are seeing something as it is without the limitation of interpretation, language and conditioning, and that is a movement of love.      

I later discovered that this interpretation was historically done by two mathematicians in the last 1000 years. But, it was immensely regarding to discover it myself with code and contemplation.         

To me this is not a proof, this is an experience of mathematical truth. It is an archetypal example of what I mean when I say to behold mathematical truth as one singular movement.

“Enlightened Mathematics centers on the direct perception of mathematical truth. Only then can we use equations with a freedom that has no limitations.” The Bhakti Math Guru

“What topics do you teach and what is spiritual about them?”

Mathematics is Spiritual when one experiences mathematical truth directly. Mathematics is not Spiritual when one considers it in the realm of logical inference alone. It doesn’t matter what topic in mathematics is being considered, mathematics itself and all of its topics are the essence of manifestation, the foundation and fabric of dimensionality itself. Mathematics in that sense is the eternal aspect of everything, it is the essence. This is profound, mystical, majestic, and as spirituality means of or pertaining to the spirit, that which is essential to who we are as creators and beings of the universe, so Mathematics is also spiritual as it pertains to the essence. What makes my unique approach to mathematics particularly spiritual is that one gets to actually experience mathematics not through the distancing effect of the intellect inference, but through the unifying effect of the direct perception of mathematical truth, gestalt perception of mathematics. When we see mathematics as a singular movement, when we see it with simplicity and directly, then we commune with this essential aspect of dimensionality, we embody it. I find it most relevant to elucidate the most foundational and ubiquitous concepts in mathematics. Concepts like the Pythagorean theorem. I find this to be a good starting place, but all of mathematics can be done this way. The other aspect of the mathematics I teach that makes it spiritual are the spiritual principles that are applied and the way the application of those principles within the context of mathematics as a mindfulness practice work on the karma, or state of mind, of the practitioner to cultivate within them spiritual energy. The essential spiritual principle which informs the practice is the principle of seeing without the confounding effect of memory and conditioning. To listen and see with a fresh new mind, and to do this every time, is a movement of love, which is to see what is without agenda or the accumulation and residue of past experience.

Doing Math with Love

In Yoga, Bhakti is the spiritual path of love. To bring the path of Bhakti into ones mathematic practice is to do math from the heart with the heart’s intuition, do math from the effortlessness of silence and stillness, without internal resistance or the dissipation of energy, do math for the love of the moment, for the inspiration of the activity itself, and not for some future result, and do math as a mindfulness exercise in which the activity is a means by which one cultivates and enters into a high-consciousness state of mind. To bring the path of Bhakti into teaching math is to teach math seeing and knowing the student’s needs through intuition and love, teach math helping the student from where they are to take the next step that is most natural and beneficial to them, teach math honoring the student’s unique predilections and inspirations in life to help them bring their study into their unique interests, teach math with patience and not with attachments to the result or any particular outcome, but to allow the student and universe to reveal the organic unfolding of the student’s development, teach math as a means by which students can develop as integrated beings of love and consciousness to live beyond separateness and with wisdom and personal knowledge of their true selves, and teach math as a means by which students can gain command of their mind and empower their lives.

“Mathematics is not about rote memorization and the algorithmic application of techniques. Mathematics is a personal conversation with the universe in which one perceives mathematical elegance directly.” The Bhakti Math Guru

Learn Math in a way that is leveraged, easy, and fun.

Achieved levels of mathematical ability that are beyond what you possible.

Retain mathematical knowledge through genuine comprehension.

Apply mathematics dynamically and creatively.

Increase speed through the application of insightful and creative approaches.

Expand your mathematical ability organically and independently.


Each meeting we may contemplate one mathematical equation in extreme detail. Will move our minds into the structures of that equation and get to know it at its source. The goal to be will be for each of us to develop a deep subjective relationship with the equation. One in which we can perceive that equation as self-evident and one single movement of mathematical truth. This equation will be the “koan” of the week, and each of us will consider and contemplate this equation as our weekly assignment. Part of our contemplation will be to create some small piece of software related to this equation. I will be taking a journey with you. And while I will have probably consider this equation personally before, this practice is never ending and will deepen my comprehension of that equation or topic.

Every class will begin and end with a meditation. Initial meditation will be there to help us clear our minds and expand our consciousness. The final meditation will be there to integrate what we’ve learned. This will most importantly develop our meditation ability. The meditation approach will be metaphysical where we focus on energy directly.

Some topics that may be covered in our meetings:

1: Perfect Squares, Cubes, and Special Cases with Geometric Properties. 
2: Base 10 and Novel Bases: Binary, Octimal, Dodecimal, and Hexadecimal.
3: Square Roots and Cube Roots
4: Difference of Squares
5: Gold Ratio
6: Quadratic Formula
7: Pythagorean Theorem, Specific Cases
8: Pythagorean Theorem, Generalization
9: Circle Circumference and Area and PI
10: Sine and Cosine

If you don’t know these topics or think you can’t get them, zero foundation is required. If you think you know them and that this doesn’t apply to you, you may be surprised. What is 18^2 in Hexadecimal? Why is the integral of sin from 0 to pi exactly two? Can you see these as self-evident truths with a single step visual proof? Can you do them without thought, thinking so softly that all your spiritual energy is retained?

An all inclusive spiritual practice that combines Bhakti Yoga and Zen Buddhism including the spiritual principles of beginner’s mind, gentleness, the path of least resistance, positivity, detachment, all of which promote the embodiment of intelligence and love. We seek to develop heart first and foremost, where mathematics supports and develops this aspiration. In the program you get to build your own spiritual routine that you can grow and evolve moving forward on your own. The routine includes meditation and math as well as the general lifestyle elementals that support overall spiritual development.