The Genius Club

A National Math Club for Kids Who Love Math

The Genius Club is a National Math Club for kids ages 5 to 18 who Love Math and who want to develop a profound comprehension of the subject. It is taught by math wizard Adam Wes, The Math Guru. Join our club by attending our weekly meetings! Sundays at 6-7 pm PST.

Anyone can become a math genius. All it takes is sincerity and to learn math properly with a teacher who can awaken genius in you. We are not born geniuses. We become geniuses as a result of applying ourselves with the interest and intent to develop a direct perception of mathematical truth.

The above animation is created with mathematics and JavaScript. Can you see what is happening? Can you see the mathematical equations used to generate this animation?

What does it mean to be a math genius?

  • You see mathematical concepts from multiple different perspectives.
  • You can apply mathematics with freedom in any context.
  • You see mathematical concepts as self-evident and incontrovertible.
  • You are able to independently explore and discover novel concepts in mathematics without prior knowledge or guidance.
  • You have a confidence in the math you know because you have a direct and personal relationship with it.
  • You embody mathematics and enrich your personal experience of life by seeing the world through the lens of mathematics.

How do people become geniuses?

  • We are not born geniuses. Genius is the result of a mind that has developed in a certain way. It is a common misconception that genius is some innate biological endowment, but it is not. Anyone can be a genius, and we don’t just say that because it sounds good. It’s up to you if you want to apply yourself in a way that makes you an intellectual at the level of genius.
  • People become geniuses when they apply themselves with intellectual sincerity, that is the genuine interest in what they are doing for the sake of doing it. Their intellectual pursuits are the result of inspiration and not for some ulterior motive. In mathematics, it means we do math for the sake of math, because we love math and want to experience it’s elegance and structure.
  • People become geniuses when they transcend conditioning and always approach life with a freshness in seeing that includes looking at things as they are, without interpretation or the confounding effects of past experiences and rigid conclusions. This means we look at things with the mind of a beginner perpetually and this allows us to see truth, what is, in it’s suchness.
  • People become geniuses when they apply themselves consistently and without the discouragement of motivation, but rather the consistent freedom of inspiration. As long as ego is involved, one does not give their full attention. It takes 10,000 hours in master anything, and once one masters something they transform into genius.
  • Genius is not ours, it is the universe’s and results when we get out of the way and allow the templates of universal perfection to run through us. It is the result of un-conditioning the mind, not filling it with the things of the past and rigid conceptual structures.
  • Anyone can be a genius if they approach life with the right attitude, which is uncommon in today’s modern society and why it is statistically so uncommon and therefore considered an innate faculty.

How do we develop math genius in The Genius Club?

  • We make our knowledge of math the result of our own personal and direct perception of mathematical truth.
  • We slow down and develop a complete comprehension of each concept and give ourselves the time we need to develop at this deep level of comprehension.
  • We make equations generalized descriptions of what we see in specific mathematical structures.
  • We learn multiple concepts at different levels concurrently so that they can develop in relation to each other.
  • We focus on knowing questions and letting questions work on us and find that this leads us to see that the answer is a part of the question.
  • We do math visually and try to see equations and geometric structures.
  • We explore math from a place of peace and stillness allowing us to discover without imposing the internal conflict of an expected result and allow our full intelligence to operate in that stillness and peace.
  • And so much more…

Who can join The Genius Club?

The Genius Club is for all kids ages 5 to 18 who are sincere about really learning math and who want to genuinely comprehend mathematical concepts. You don’t have to be an official genius to become a member. All you need is a willingness to apply yourself and to make the most of the teachings. The key to this club is that it is for students who will really benefit from the powerful teaching of Math Guru Adam Wes by doing what they can to apply, contemplate, retain, and expand on the classes they get to attend. Each student must apply to become a member and the application is to determine the degree of sincerity the student has and if they are ready to make the most of these teachings and take themselves to the level of a genius in mathematics.

How do I apply to The Genius Club?

To Apply, just click the link below and go to our application page. Applying is free. We look forward learning more about you in the application!

How much does it cost?

The Genius Club is designed to be financially accessible to all students. We want any students who are truly sincere to be able to participate and for all parents to be able to pay the membership fees comfortably. For this reason it is a flat monthly rate of only $100.

What is involved in being a memeber?

As a member you attend one or two weekly meetings on Zoom with Math Guru Adam Wes. There is a intermediate and advanced meeting. Less advanced students may wish to only attend the intermediate, but more advanced students are encouraged to attend both meetings to further develop their foundation. Both meetings are 60 minutes and held weekly. Please see our Calendar.