Intuitive Mathematics Weekly Online Class

Learn to comprehend mathematics like a space-age genius from the future with Adam’s Intuitive Mathematics Weekly Online Classes.

Perceive mathematical elegance directly and become your own authority in all the math you do.

A truly otherworldly approach to the math learned in school, Adam makes math simple and easy to experience with interactive animations and refined explanations a lifetime in the making.

“I’ve spent my entire life contemplating all the math concepts I’ve encountered until I could see them simply and in a way that I never found in any textbook of from any teacher, because I just had to. It was the only way to truly connect with the beauty of mathematics, the elegance of mathematics, which I absolutely love. Doing math in this way is the natural evolution of humanities relationship to mathematics.” Adam Wes

Mathematics is simple, extraordinarily elegant, not convoluted as many believe. Even for topics like Calculus, it is simple. Take for example, the most celebrated physics equation of all time: E=mc^2. That’s just arithmetic! E=m*c*c. Math is simple.

“Our cultural heritage in mathematics is painfully limited. As students and teachers we inherit a convoluted set of proofs that corroborate mathematical truths, but put a great deal of distance between oneself and the math. We seek to know the math, to embody it as a directly perceivable and self-evident truth. That’s genius. That’s what I help my students do. And since this way of doing math is self-evident, it doesn’t require the years of superficial memorization and technical mental programming, allowing students to dive right into the heart of mathematics from the moment they start. This also makes math easily accessible to aspiring adults as well.” Adam

Mathematics helps us structure our minds. It is pure abstraction, the purest form of structure, and in a futuristic society of highly evolved beings, pure mathematical structure is essential. A structured mind is one capable of a subjective orientation that brings order and command to the world of infinite possible interpretations. The math mind can see, and this seeing unlocks an individual’s creative abilities so that their heart can create with freedom and sophistication. Mathematics is the foundation of an advanced society. But it can’t be superficial and rote, it has to be truly embodied and shared with efficiency, sincerity and joy.

Math isn’t about getting answers. That is the use and abuse of math. Math should start with gratitude, beauty and appreciation, with the sincere pursuit of mathematics. Only then, when we have truly appreciated math for the sake of math, form for the sake of form, the art of the universe for its elegance, peace, and order, only then should we apply math for the sake of calculation, application, and utility. That is the only way for us to apply math with freedom and infinite possibility, otherwise we are limited by the superficial depth with which we began. We must do math with a love of math if we want to truly be one with it. As with every pursuit in life, true mastery comes from approaching it with sincerity, that is, without ego or utilitarian intent. It must be done for the love of it.

School and society relate to math as a utility. But, the great mathematician who evolved the equations that we teach did not. To them, equations are poetry, a description of their beloved, the universe of possibility, of dimensionality. Mathematics is the natural law of possibility, as opposed to physics, the natural law of physicality, including energy, which can be considered the subtle physical. When we study math, we must do so with this sincerity, as did the mathematicians who developed and discovered it. But, our culture is greatly confused about what math is and how to approach it. The leaders in mathematics education only make minor adjustments to the educational approach. What we need is a fundamental revolution in the way we relate to mathematics. And, we need not wait for society to do this, it could take hundreds of years, we can start here and now together, and empower students to perform in school and in the world.

This is an extracurricular program designed to fill in the depths of mathematics education so that the superficial approach that students experience in school rests on a strong foundation of sincerity. When students learn to embody mathematics with this intuitive approach to learning math, they are empowered to perform in school.


By truly comprehending mathematics, students don’t have to rely on memorization. They know math, and they are forever changed with the depth of structural sophistication that now informs their mind.

By truly comprehending mathematics, students can see the interconnectivity of mathematical concepts so that mathematics develops a sort of integration that makes each new concept an expansion and not a feeble separate line of rote technical development.

By truly comprehending mathematics, students can find the joy in mathematics, and don’t have to buy in to the utilitarian result oriented, motivation based, pursuit of mathematics, but rather can feel their own genuine connection with this astonishingly profound and beautiful experience of abstract form.

By truly comprehending mathematics, students can apply math in freedom and in a way that is unique to them and their interests, now and for the rest of their lives. They literally get an upgraded mind with which they can play in life.

By truly comprehending mathematics, students gain speed and accuracy in mathematics. Speed which comes from the grace of truly getting it, and accuracy which comes from the sensibility of intuition around what answers seem right.

By truly comprehending mathematics, any student can succeed in math. It’s the superficial mathematics that is difficult for some student who don’t learn that way.

By truly comprehending mathematics, students gain a confidence that allows them to take any path they like in life. Mathematics opens doors to the more exotic professions and creative endeavors, and makes path one empowered with elegance and intellectual sophistication.