Join our team in creating this Spiritual Mathematics Movement. Participate at a discounted rate as an apprentice or volunteer.


Apply for an apprenticeship where you work with The Bhakti Math Guru and share your unique skillset with our community. Establish a Work-Study relationship where you get to attend classes for a discounted rate or without a tuition fee. Be more immersed in your study and our mission to spread love and intelligence through mathematics.


Volunteer your time and effort without necessarily attending classes at a discounted rate. Help us spread love and intelligence in the world by being a part of our team.

Service Opportunities

We need help in the following ways, and are open to other types of contributions not listed.

  • Homeschooling Outreach
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Graphic Design
  • Discord Management and Setup
  • Management of the Mentors and Seekers
  • App Development
  • AI Expertise
  • Public Relations
  • Audio-Video Technician
  • Videographer and Photographer
  • Web Development
  • Event Planning
  • Merch Store Setup and Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Generate Remote Assistance
  • Accounting and Legal
  • Game Development
  • Blender or Maya Expert
  • Events Chef
  • Other

Please fill out the following application if you are interested in joining our team and community. 

Thank you for your interest.