Summer Enlightenment Program


Namaste Seekers and Parents,

Master mathematics and develop a full-spectrum intelligence with The Heart of Mathematics Education’s (h.o.m.e.’s) Summer Enlightenment Program. Study one-on-one and online from your summer vacation destination with one of our Home Mentors as a part of your homeschooled or extracurricular experience. Awaken a full-spectrum intelligence that develops the mind and the heart through a combination of mathematics, meditation, and spiritual study. Get on the path to enlightenment through an enlightened approach to mathematics!

Why Join Our Program?

  • Spiritual Principles: Develop toward greater consciousness by learning the spiritual principles of yoga and applying them in your mathematical study.
  • A Revolutionary Approach: Learn to see mathematical truth as self-evident and directly perceivable with an intuitive approach that augments your own experience of the universe and life.
  • Visual Learning: Embrace being a visual learner with a visual approach to mathematics that goes beyond rote memorization and mechanical technique.
  • Do Math From the Heart: Do mathematics without inner conflict in an organic flowering of inquiry that makes math a meditative experience and helps develop love and compassion.
  • Artistic Approach: Uncover the creative and subjective dimensions of mathematics by learning to feel the ineffable aspects of mathematical elegance.
  • Personalized Learning: Experience one-on-one sessions personalized to your unique predilections (Dharma), interests, and learning style. Customize emphasis on math, spirituality, computer programming and art in a way that is right for you.
  • Holistic Development: Awaken a full-spectrum intelligence through an integration of mathematics, meditation, and spiritual principles to develop the heart, the mind, and a wisdom to last a lifetime.
  • Computer Programming: Enrich your mathematical exploration by learning to code mathematical concepts in a way that is fun and creative. Further develop the mind through programmatical structures.
  • Global Access: Study with a dedicated Home Mentor from anywhere in the world, integrating spiritual growth and mathematical comprehension into your summer journey.
  • Engaging Tools: Learn with tools that are highly visual and engaging to make the online experience fun for kids of all ages.
  • Flexible Schedule: Work with your Home Mentor in a flexible and personalized schedule of 1-3 sessions per week at times that fit perfectly with your summer explorations.
  • Community Mission: Be a part of our important and exciting spiritual mathematics movement and spiritual community, helping spread love and intelligence in the world.


Program Details:

  • Age Group: 8-18 years old
  • Session Cost: $125/hour for a package of 12 sessions ($1500) or $150/hour for individual sessions.
  • Subjects Covered: Mathematics, Meditation, Computer Programming, and Spirituality.


Our Mentors:

Our Mentors are devoted spiritual seekers who make mathematics and spirituality a priority in their lives. This means that they teach not only through what they say but also by being an embodiment of what they teach and love. As spiritual practitioners, they study diligently to embody higher spiritual energy and mathematical insights that can impart to seekers a deeper wisdom, a more profound mathematical comprehension, and a greater love. Mentors work with seekers a maximum of 4 hours a day, ensuring they have ample time to engage in their own personal spiritual cultivation and mathematical study. This allows them to genuinely bring an abundance of heart, patience, presence, and love, as well as mathematical insight and wisdom to each and every session.

Our Mission:

We are inspired by and hold paramount the vision of a cultural inheritance that empowers people to be deeply happy. We are contributing to this vision by spreading the wisdom and love of enlightenment through the practice of an enlightened approach to mathematics. We look forward to welcoming your child into this educational journey, where they can join us in healing the world through our transformation to greater love and intelligence.

How to Enroll:

To request a Home Mentor and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation, please fill out the form below.

Once you have been set up with a mentor, you can purchase your sessions below.