Currently there are two courses available for the autumn quarter. There is a Spiritual Mathematics Course and also a Mysticism Course. Please read below for details on each.


In this ten-week course, you’ll learn the intersection of love and mysticism. This course is designed to awaken your mystical faculties and help you embody divine love through a transformation of consciousness and opening of the heart. At the completion of the course, you’ll be empowered through direct mystical connection with the teacher and have developed a routine and lifestyle that promotes further independent cultivation and spiritual growth. The course will include mystical meditation in which you perceive the hidden planes of energy and awaken them within your energetic body. The course will also cover topics related to your transformation and outline a cosmology to help you navigate the occult and esoteric nature of reality awakening in you. This is in introductory course that will attempt to touch on a broad range of topics to provide you with context for your new journey into mysticism.

Curriculum Topics Outline

Week 1: Bioelectromagnetics, Kundalini, Light, and The Four Planes of Creation.
Week 2: The Four Path of Yoga – Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, and Raja, their principles and mechanisms of transformation and how to use them for awakening.
Week 3: Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of Love. The heart chakra, love as the existential answer to the human condition, and how to awaken divine love.
Week 4: Kensho, Satori, Samdhi, Liberation and Enlightenment, and the different levels and types of awakening and indicators of each.
Week 5: Buddhism and Zen, the four noble truths and key principles in energy cultivation and the development of mental clarity.
Week 6: Dharma, Purpose, Career, Creativity, and Personal Truth.
Week 7: Energy cultivation and psychic energy dynamics.
Week 8: Psychologocal cultivation and high-frequency energetic attunement through effective exposure to cultural Influences.
Week 9: Positivity and optimal use of focus for greatest happiness, energy, and love.
Week 10: Metaphysical aids for energy cultivation.

Curriculum Topics Details

Week 1: Introduction to Light in meditation. The four planes of reality – Physical, Astral, Causal, Eternal – and the biological aspects of these planes. Understanding the nature of electricity, magnetism, chi, kundalini, and the substance of transcendental awareness known as shakti, as well as the self as it exists in impersonal awareness. Discussion of the energy vortexes of the chakras, energy tubes or nadi, granthi, the aura and the bioelectromagnetic nature of these biological layers. Development of the ability to see energy both in the astral and causal, for the purpose of transcendence and healing.

Week 2: Introduction to the four paths of yoga – Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, Raja – and how they are used for spiritual development. Basic introduction to the mechanism of transformation associated with each path. Discovering your personal predilection in spiritual path and which path is predominant for you. Also, getting started building a spiritual routine. What is a routine and why is it essential. Discussion of consistency of time and space in routine, building karma, and spiritual transformation.

Week 3: Introduction to Love and Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Love, and the essential principles to Bhakti. What is love, what is loving, learning about knowledge and the occult faculties related to love, like empathy and intuition. Why love is such a powerful healer and the ultimate existential goal of beings. Learning how to build these principles into your daily habits to awaken greater love and live on a loving wavelength. Understanding these principles in detail and learning practical and specific applications of them in your daily life. Discussion of yin and yang, and the application of yin to awaken love.

Week 4: Introduction to Enlightenment, understanding what it is to be pursuing enlightenment, what it even means to be on the path to enlightenment, and the different stages that one progresses through on this path. Discussion of savikalpa samadhi, nirvikalpa samadhi, sahaja samadhi, nirvana, kensho, satori, and the different mystical experiences along the way. Including the differences between levels of enlightenment and the progression through them. Discussion of the well-known Enlightened spiritual teachers, their books, and their unique expressions of Enlightenment.

Week 5: Introduction to Buddhism, the four noble truths, and how to apply them in your life. Developing an understanding of the cause of suffering and how one can approach life so as not to get enmeshed in suffering, from the perspective of Buddhism. Also, introduction to Zen, including the Zen sentiments of simplicity, mindfulness, dispassion, and how to apply these in your daily living to awaken greater consciousness. The concepts of doing one thing at a time, giving your full attention to what you do, simplifying your life outwardly and inwardly with psychic considerations.

Week 6: Dharma, Sva Dharma, and your nature as an expression of God. Discovering who you really are, remembering the wish of the 6-year-old you. Uncovering your values and principles in life. Understanding the concept of dharma and truth, and what they mean in your personal spiritual practice. The difference between universal dharma and your personal dharma, and the energetic effects of alignment with dharma.

Week 7: Introduction to energy, how to generate it, how to protect it from dissipation, how to store it. Including psychic and interpersonal energic dynamics, how to develop beneficial inaccessibility, protect yourself psychically, and also how to generate energy through Dharma and creative flow.

Week 8: Navigating psychological development and cultural inheritance through selective exposure to energy wavelengths. The application of reading, consideration of social associations, and the limitation of exposure to cultural noise. Also, considerations of time and space, matter and energy, and the source of dimensionality, the witness, and the supreme. Discussion of topics in physics, mathematics, ontology and epistemology, and the western verses eastern concepts of reality.

Week 9: A deep dive into positivity, including the principles of optimism, faith, gratitude, radiance, positive focus, and how to apply these concepts directly in daily life to produce greater energy, manifestation, and love.

Week 10: Metaphysical aids and tools, including crystals, plants, nature, energy lines in the earth, herbs and acupuncture, fasting and diet. Learning to use intuition and inner sight to work with these tools. Also, celestial events and alignments related to the moon and sun including solstices and equinoxes and the gravitational shifts of perihelion, aphelion, perigee and apogee. Understanding these events and learning practical applications of them in your spiritual practice for accelerated progress.


Weekly Equation
Each week we will be contemplating one mathematical equation in extreme detail. Will move our minds into the structures of that equation and get to know it at its source. The goal to be will be for each of us to develop a deep subjective relationship with the equation. One in which we can perceive that equation as self-evident and one single movement of mathematical truth. This equation will be the “koan” of the week, and each of us will consider and contemplate this equation as our weekly assignment. Part of our contemplation will be to create some small piece of software related to this equation. I will be taking a journey with you. And while I will have probably consider this equation personally before, this practice is never ending and will deepen my comprehension of that equation or topic.

Weekly Meditation
Every class will begin and end with a meditation. Initial meditation will be there to help us clear our minds and expand our consciousness. The final meditation will be there to integrate what we’ve learned. This will most importantly develop our meditation ability. The meditation approach will be metaphysical where we focus on energy directly.

Week 1: Perfect Squares, Cubes, and Special Cases with Geometric Properties. 
Week 2: Base 10 and Novel Bases: Binary, Octimal, Dodecimal, and Hexadecimal.
Week 3: Square Roots and Cube Roots
Week 4: Difference of Squares
Week 5: Intuitive Gold Ratio
Week 6: Intuitive Quadratic Formula
Week 7: Pythagorean Theorem, Specific Cases
Week 8: Pythagorean Theorem, Generalization
Week 9: Intuitive Circle Circumference and Area and PI
Week 10: Sine and Cosine

If you don’t know these topics or think you can’t get them, we will be starting from the beginning to see them in this enlightened way. Zero foundation is required. If you think you know them and that this doesn’t apply to you, you may be surprised. What is 18^2 in Hexadecimal? Why is the integral of sin from 0 to pi exactly two? Can you see these as self-evident truths with a single step visual proof? Can you do them without thought, thinking so softly that all your spiritual energy is retained?

Meditation is also a part of the classes, where you learn to meditate on the astral or metaphysical plane and the causal or mystical plane, including the chakras and planes of light. This helps awaken intelligence by clearing the aura of impurities so that one can be a clear channel for intelligence and love.

An all inclusive spiritual practice that combines Bhakti Yoga and Zen Buddhism including the spiritual principles of beginner’s mind, gentleness, the path of least resistance, positivity, detachment, all of which promote the embodiment of intelligence and love. We seek to develop heart first and foremost, where mathematics supports and develops this aspiration. In the program you get to build your own spiritual routine that you can grow and evolve moving forward on your own. The routine includes meditation and math as well as the general lifestyle elementals that support overall spiritual development.